We are insight generators who use comedians to uncover compelling truths to make your brand messaging resonate more strongly with your consumers. Marketers spend millions on consumer insights and then develop funny advertising out of them. What if we could flip that process? Take what makes consumers laugh and then peel back the onion to find the insights? The Standpoint Agency has developed an innovative program that does exactly that and it's called FUNNY 'CAUSE IT'S TRUE (FCIT).


Hearing Directly from Target Market
Consumer Engagement
Collecting Subjective Opinions
Mining Objective Beliefs  
Individual Answers Swayed by Group  
Honest Emotional Consumer Reaction  
Traditional Dialogue (2-Way Interaction)  
Innovative Trialogue Approach (3-Way Interaction)  
Ideation with Creatives within Target Market  


We employ professional comedians to help us uncover these nuggets. While the jokes are funny, the insights
behind them actually are often serious. After all, according to a recent study, "people's implicit unconscious
beliefs and preferences matched what they found funny" (Evolution & Human Behavior, 2009).

Think of FUNNY 'CAUSE IT'S TRUE (FCIT) as a mix of a focus group, standup routine, and cocktail party.
Imagine the scene: comedians onstage, your target consumers as the audience, and your marketing team
sitting in the back, experiencing it all firsthand.

We capture those real, validated insights.  You take 'em.  You use 'em.  You sell a lot.  

Everybody's happy - except your abs, which are still sore from laughing.